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Dry Leaf

We started with 10 acres of barren land that had been depleted due to repeated crops of soybean of corn 

Now, we have built 

  • Permaculture pond,

  • Fruit orchard,

  • Micro-native-forest,

  • Waste composting system,

  • Hydroponics Greenhouses,

  • Vegetable garden,

  • Sweat lodge

  • Barn

  • Wooden Fencing

Upcoming Courses

We are already full with students for this year.
If you really want to join us, then please contact us with details. 

Watch this space in 2023 for our course offerings

Lend a hand! Join us to build more ecological models, we'd love to hear your ideas and work on projects that inspire and help improve our natural landscapes. For more information, feel free to reach out to our team anytime.

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